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Ballet is a theatrical dance featuring highly formalized steps and movements. Often performed with music, elaborate costumes and stage scenery, the dance is used to tell stories, convey themes and express emotion. 

All of our ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment) and correct classical ballet technique. Dancers will develop strength, grace, poise and the skills needed to safely and quickly build their technical foundations. 

Truckee Dance Factory offers various levels of ballet and pointe technique to suit dancers of all levels

and abilities:

  • Ballet 1,2, 3 & 4/5

  • Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe & Intermediate/Advanced Pointe

All ballet and pointe classes maintain a dress code with the following requirements for hair and attire:

  • Hair: Hair must be worn in a bun for all classical ballet classes. If hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled back off the face and neck with a headband.

  • Ballet/Pointe/PBT Uniform: Girls – black leotard and pink tights, no shorts, skirts or t-shirts. Boys – black shorts, and white t-shirt.

  • Ballet Shoes: Canvas split-sole ballet shoes; girls in pink, boys in black

  • NO JEWELRY IN ANY CLASS for safety reasons. 

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