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“At the Movies”- ProtoTykes Show

Location: North Tahoe High School- 2945 Polaris Rd, Tahoe City, CA 96145


Dress Rehearsal  

(AT Truckee Dance Factory)

Monday 6/13, 4:00-5:00  (in costume)

This will take the place of regular classes for the week.  


Performance Date/Time

(At N. Tahoe High School)

Friday, June 17

Performer Arrival Time: 4:15

Showtime: 4:30

Dear Parents and Dancers,


Our big showcase is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need in order for everything to run smoothly, and for everyone to have a positive, exciting experience!  We encourage you to read through this handbook in its entirety, so you know exactly what to expect and don’t miss any details.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!


In order for us to give all students as much stage-time as possible, we have divided our classes

Into 2 separate shows.  The ProtoTykes classes will get to be the stars of their very own special show called “At the Movies”.  



Dress Rehearsal Week!

Here at Truckee Dance Factory, dress and technical rehearsals are a very important part of preparing for our recital.  This is where we get to see the costumes working in a group to really compliment the dances your children have been working so hard on throughout the year.  It gives us a chance to make any adjustments and ensure that everyone has time to get ready between their dances.  Even more importantly, it gives the stars of our show a chance to get up and rehearse in front of an audience!  It is a fun, rewarding and educational experience, as well as a great chance to inspire each other with their dancing. 


In-Studio Rehearsal

The week of June 13-16, regular classes will be replaced by a special rehearsal schedule to take place at the studio.  Monday, June 13 at 4:00 will be the ProtoTykes dress rehearsal, taking place at Truckee Dance Factory.  Please do not be late for your arrival time.  We cannot wait for late dancers. Parents are welcome to attend this rehearsal and act as our audience, however space is a bit limited in the studio so please don’t bring the whole family and all the friends!  They can wait until the big show on Friday.  

Order of Rehearsal and Show:

How Far I’ll Go (Moana)- Saturday 9:30 AM Ballet/Jazz Combo (age 4-5)

Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)- Saturday 10:30 Hip Hop (age 4-5)

Woody’s Roundup (Toy Story 2)- Thursday 4:00 Acro Dance (age 5-6)

Hakuna Matata (Lion King)- Thursday 10:15 AM Acro Dance (age 3-4)

Walk the Dinosaur (Ice Age)- Friday 3:45 Hip Hop (age 5-7)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (finale)- All ProtoTykes dancers!

Costume Information

Costumes will be available for pick up in the studio and given out as soon as they have arrived and are ready.  Parents or an adult chaperone will need to sign-out each costume upon pickup. A costume checklist will be given along with the costumes. Please be sure to check that all costume pieces are accounted for when picking up the costumes.  Some costumes are entirely  DIY or include elements you will need to provide yourself.  Such elements will be included on the costume checklist.  As much fun as the costumes are to wear and play in, they need to remain neat and tidy and wrinkle free until the performance. Please don’t let the kids play in them until the performance is over.  Use your costume checklist to double check that you have everything after the dress rehearsal and organized for the show.  

Hair Information

Hair should never get in the dancer's way, cover their face or be otherwise distracting.  Please pull back long hair away from face.  Be sure any costume hair pieces are securely fastened with hair pins.  


Ticket Information

Tickets for general seating will be available for purchase online, starting Saturday, May 14th at Noon on the TDF website. Tickets are $8 each (lap-sitters are free).  ProtoTykes performers who are in the show will sit with their family, but will not need a ticket.  

What to Expect on Performance Day

ProtoTykes dancers will arrive in costume, and sit in the audience to watch the show with their families.  When it is their turn to dance we will call them up to the stage by name.  Older dancers will be ready to help them make their way from the audience onto the stage.  We want to make sure no one misses their turn to dance so please be patient with this process.  When the dancers have finished their dance they will go back to sit with their family.  


Important Notes and Information for Parents


In terms of attendance, it is very important that students do not miss any of their scheduled classes between now and recital time so they can spend their rehearsal time together to perform their routines, feel confident and look amazing.  This is without a doubt the highlight of our year and we are giddy with excitement to show you how hard our dancers have been working!  If the dancer is falling behind you may request a private lesson with the front desk.  



As a “thank you” for a great year, TDF provides a complementary, professionally produced, digital video of the show, that will be available to all performers.  Download links will be sent out as soon as the video is finished.



Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions, we are happy to help!

TDF Phone: 530-786-4732

TDF Email: