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Truckee Dance Factory

Extreme Weather Day

Policies and Info


Extreme Weather Day Cancellations 

If the studio is forced to close due to extreme weather conditions, information about the closure will be available on our website, social media pages and phone message.  In addition, families will be notified via email.

AQI/Smoke Days Policy

If AQI levels are at or above 151* at Truckee Dance Factory we will modify activities accordingly to be less strenuous in order to protect dancers.  All studio doors and windows will remain closed.  Ultimately the decision on whether or not to attend class is up to each individual family, as you know what is best for your child.  Air purifiers will be running in both dance rooms.


If AQI levels are 301* or greater we will cancel class for the safety of our dancers and staff. 

*AQI readings vary significantly between sources.  TDF uses and as our official sources.  These are the same sources the TTUSD school system uses.

Extreme Weather Day Make-Ups

Dancers are welcome to take any class as a make-up class, provided it coordinates with their age. No refunds are given for missed classes. The make-up class must be completed within 30 days of the extreme weather day.  Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance with the office. 

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