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The term "Hip Hop" covers a variety of styles including house, locking, popping, and waiving to name a few. Our hip hop classes utilize upbeat and age-appropriate music and moves from various genres. This is a high-energy class that not only teaches stylized movements and technique but also instills rhythm and precision in your

muscle memory.

Breaking, also known as b-boying, is a style of dance that incorporates rhythm, floorwork and tricks. These classes teach the fundamentals of b-boying, covering categories such as toprock, footwork, power moves

and freezes. 

Truckee Dance Factory offers various levels of hip hop and breaking to suit dancers of all levels and abilities:

  • Hip Hop/Breaking 1, Hip Hop 2, Hip Hop 3 and Hip Hop 4/5

  • Hip Hop Freestyle Levels 3-5

  • Breaking Skills, Drills, Tricks and Techniques (ages 7-12)

  • Breaking Skills, Drills, Tricks and Techniques (ages 12+)

There are two competitive hip hop dance teams, Quality Control and Boogie Botz, that participate and local and regional performances and competitions throughout the year. 

All ballet and pointe classes maintain a dress code with the following requirements for hair and attire:

  • Hair: Hair must be neat and pulled back away from face.

  • Clothing: Athletic clothes, sweats, t-shirts, shorts etc. Clothing should not hinder movement. Hats/bandanas are okay. Knee pads recommended

for breaking. 

  • Shoes: Any kind of athletic/tennis shoes. Shoes must not be worn outside the studio or on the street.

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