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Jazz dance is a high-energy, upbeat style covering a wide variety of movements. The class will incorporate traditional and modern jazz techniques such as turns, leaps, kicks, floorwork and more while expanding the dancer's stylistic abilities.

Broadway Dance will focus on learning about different Broadway choreographers and styles of dance. Students will learn about the physical traits of becoming a character, how to perform with their facial expressions and emote to an audience.

Truckee Dance Factory offers various levels of jazz and broadway dance classes:

  • Broadway Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3 and Jazz 4/5

  • Turns/Techniques/Tricks Level 2/3 and Level 4/5

The following dress code is maintained for safety and movement in

jazz classes:

  • Hair: Must be neat and pulled away from face.

  • Attire: Tight-fitting clothing such as leotards, t-shirts/tanks, leggings or shorts are appropriate. Clothing should not hinder movement (no jeans, no hats). No baggy shirts that will fall over students' heads when they go

upside down. 

  • Shoes: Tan or black jazz shoes, preferably slip-ons (with no laces).  Advanced Jazz should have dance heels available.

  • NO JEWELRY IN ANY CLASS for safety reasons. 

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