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ProtoTykes Recital Page Can Be Found Here!!

Dear Parents and Dancers,

Our big showcase is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need in order for everything to run smoothly and for everyone to have a positive, exciting experience! We encourage you to read through this handbook in its entirety, so you know exactly what to expect and don’t miss any details.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!


In order for us to give all students as much stage-time as possible, we have divided our classes into separate shows. Each class will be assigned to one of the following shows: ProtoTykes Show- “At the Movies'' or show for levels 1-5 “Who Done It?”   To find out which show your child is participating in please use the search option below. 

Ticket Information

Tickets will be reserved seating and will be available for purchase online, starting Saturday, May 14th at noon on the TDF website.  Advance tickets are $15 or $20 at the door.  Lap-sitters are free.  

Dress Rehearsal Week!

Here at Truckee Dance Factory, dress and technical rehearsals are a very important part of preparing for our recital.  This is where we get to see the costumes working on stage in a group to really compliment the dances your children have been working so hard on throughout the year.  It gives us a chance to make any adjustments and ensure that everyone has time to get ready between their dances.  Even more importantly, it gives the stars of our show a chance to get up and rehearse on the big stage- a very different environment than they are used to within the studio walls.  They can overcome some of the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on, and really prepare themselves for the show ahead.  It is a fun, rewarding and educational experience, as well as a great chance to inspire each other with their dancing. 


In-Studio Rehearsals

The week of June 13, regular classes will be replaced by a special rehearsal schedule to take place at the studio, with a final dress rehearsal at the theater on Thursday, 6/16.  Please note the arrival and pick up times, which will be different from your regular class for this week.  Please do not be late for your arrival time, we cannot wait for late dancers.  Please, dancers only for rehearsals (no parents/siblings etc.) as we are limited on space in the studio. Click here to see rehearsal Schedule.


On-Stage Dress Rehearsal 

ATTENDANCE AT THIS DRESS REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY.  This is not just for the benefit of the individual dancer but is necessary for the success of the entire group.  This is a CLOSED REHEARSAL (no parents or audience) for dancers, staff, backstage helpers and stage crew only.  Technical details such as sound, lighting, curtain cues are worked out, as dancers become familiar with the stage and theater.   


At a Glance...


"Who Done It?"

Performance Showcase

Levels 1-5

Performance Location

North Tahoe High School

2945 Polaris Rd, Tahoe City, CA 96145

Important Dates

In Studio Rehearsals/Run Throughs AT TDF. (Regular class schedule suspended for this week)

Monday, 6/13

Special Rehearsal for dancers in the following classes (5:15-6:16 rehearsal time): 

  • Hip Hop/Breaking 1 (4:00-5:00)

  • Breaking age 7-12 (5:15-6:15)

  • Breaking age 12+ (5:15-6:15)

  • Adv. Turns/Leaps (5:15-6:15)

  • Senior Dancers (6:15-7:30 rehearsal time)

Tuesday, 6/14

Show run-through for all cast, dancers only need to be there for their specific time slot (see schedule here)

Wednesday, 6/15, 4:00-7:00

Show run-through for all cast, everyone stays for whole rehearsal

Mandatory On-Stage Dress Rehearsal (At N. Tahoe High)

Thursday, June 16, 4:15-7:15

Hair, Makeup, Costume

Performance Date/Time

Friday, June 17

Students arrive at 5:15

Performance at 6:30

Tickets go on sale May 14 at Noon

Ticket Information

Tickets will be reserved seating and will be available for purchase online, starting Saturday, May 14th at Noon on the TDF website.  Advance tickets for "Who Done It?" are $15 each or $20 at the door.


*All Level 1-5 classes will be performing in the same show on Friday, June 17th @ 6:30pm.
*ProtoTykes will have a seperate show June 17th @ 4:30pm. Click here for ProtoTykes recital info

Use the Search Bar to
Search By Dancer Name To View Costumes

Costume Information

Costumes will be available for pick up in the studio as soon as they have arrived and are ready to give out.  Parents or an adult chaperone will need to sign-out each costume upon pickup.  Dancers ages 13 and older can sign-out their own costumes.  A costume checklist will be given along with the costumes. Please be sure to check that all costume pieces are accounted for when picking up the costumes.  Some costumes are entirely  DIY or include elements you will need to provide yourself.  Such elements will be included on the costume checklist. Costumes need to remain neat and tidy and wrinkle free until the performance. Use your costume checklist to double check that you have everything after the dress rehearsals and organized for the show.  


Shoes and Tights:

Included on your costume checklist will be proper tights and shoe requirements.  We do not require any specific brand of shoes or tights, but both can be ordered in the studio for your convenience.  


Tan/Nude Leotard for female dancers:

The green room (dancer waiting area) will be co-ed.  Bathrooms and changing tents will be available for dancers with costume changes.  We suggest female dancers with costume changes wear a nude-colored leotard under their costumes for modesty when changing (available at dancewear websites, local dance shops or for order at the studio). 

Costume Fee (non-refundable, applies to all performing classes):

Deposits Due- MARCH 15th

Remaining Balance Due/Credited- May 10

Students will learn a different recital routine for each class they are enrolled in, and the participation in the performance will require a costume for each dance. We will be trying to keep costumes for each class to $30 or less this year but the actual price may vary from class to class.  Some classes may require students to provide certain D.I.Y. costume parts.  In the event that the costume exceeds $30, the remaining balance will be charged on May 10th. In the event that the costume falls below $30, the balance will be credited to your account on May 10th.  If the costume is entirely D.I.Y. the full deposit will be returned to you.  

**The following classes are non-performing classes, and therefore will not be charged a costume fee: Turns/Technique/Tricks (All levels), Pre-Pointe, Hip Hop Freestyle, Inspire/Boogie Botz/Quality Control rehearsal classes, PBT, Zumba, and Parent and Me class.


Theatrical Makeup and Hair Information

The bright stage lights will wash out facial features and unless dancers are wearing some makeup they will look like blurry, featureless blobs!  By highlighting dancers’ facial features, it makes it easier for the audience to see their expressions. It’s an important and long-standing tradition in the dance community for performers to include stage makeup as a routine component of their costumes.


Is makeup necessary for the younger kids?

We understand and respect parent’s concerns about younger kids wearing makeup.  Wearing theatrical makeup on stage is much different than wearing it to school or out in public.  We encourage parents to talk to their kids about why makeup is necessary for the stage and why they will wear it for this special occasion.  


Junior Girls Makeup- light colored lipstick, blush, eyeshadow in light browns, mascara  


Teens and Adults Makeup- light colored lipstick, blush, eyeshadow in light browns, eye liner, mascara      


Hair- Hair should never get in the dancer's way, cover their face or be otherwise distracting.  


Hairstyle for Ballet, jazz, contemporary, acro, and tap classes- Bun, tightly secured with hair pins and net, slicked back with hairspray/gel.  

Hip Hop/Breaking- Any style, up or down, as long as it looks nice and is not distracting or in the dancer’s face.


How you can help your child prepare for the show


In terms of attendance, it is very important that students do not miss any of their scheduled classes between now and recital time so they can spend their rehearsal time together to perform their routines, feel confident and look amazing. This is without a doubt the highlight of our year and we are giddy with excitement to show you how hard our dancers have been working!  If the dancer is falling behind you may request a private lesson with the front desk.  


Practice Videos

We will be continuing to update the "Practice Videos" page on the website as the rest of the videos are completed.  The page is password protected in consideration for the online safety of our dancers.  This page can be found under the "More" tab on the Truckee Dance Factory website (


Password: tdftraining

What to Expect on Performance Day 

Dancer Supervision

Backstage helpers will supervise the dancers during the Dress Rehearsal and the Performance.  These helpers will: Meet your child at the check-in area and escort them to their dressing area, accompany dancers to and from the stage area at the appropriate times, assist dancers with costume changes and makeup “touch-ups”, and supervise dancers until they are checked out to a parent.  


Dancer Check-In Process

As always, the safety of our dancers is our #1 priority.  When students arrive at the recital they are to be checked-in by a parent or guardian, and must be checked-out when it is time to leave (dancers 13 and older can check themselves in and out).  If the dancer has any medical conditions that may require attention while in our care or is carrying any medication with them, please notify our supervisors when you check-in. Students are not permitted to leave the venue once checked in.  Only TDF staff and registered helpers are permitted backstage and in the hallway, this is for the safety of the dancers.  


Check-Out Process/Dismissal:

Dancers will be dismissed from the stage and one parent must wait in the auditorium until their dancer is released.  Dancers 12 and older can check themselves out without a parent.  For dismissal to go as smoothly and safely as possible, dancers will be dismissed according to their class level in the order listed below:

  • Level 1 classes

  • Level 2 classes

  • Level 3 classes


What to Bring:

We encourage young dancers to bring games, books or other quiet activities to occupy them while they are waiting. Running around, playing tag etc. will not be permitted, however, stretching and/or practicing the dance routine is a great idea!


All female dancers must bring a clearly labeled bag with extra hair spray, gel, hair elastics, bobby pins, and safety pins. Dancers should also bring their makeup bag, as touch ups may be needed before going on stage.  


Don’t forget your costumes!  These are best hung on coat hangers and protected in a costume bag/dry cleaning bag that is clearly labeled.


Bring lots of water, and don’t forget to clearly mark your reusable water bottles with your NAME!


What NOT to bring: 

Please try not to bring anything valuable, especially electronic devices.  Our studio and the venue will not take responsibility if an item is damaged, misplaced, lost or stolen.


FOOD AND DRINK- Costumes are easily ruined (your own, or even worse, someone else’s) by food and drink. Dancers should eat before or after the show.  Dancers need to keep costumes clean so please, no eating in costume (this includes at dress rehearsals too).  Water is okay.  Please do not bring soda, juice, gatorade, etc. to the backstage area as these will ruin costumes if spilled.  WATER ONLY backstage and in hallway.  

Additional Notes:


Performance Videos

As a “thank you” for a great year, TDF provides a complementary, professionally produced, digital video of the show, that will be available to all performers.  Download links will be sent out as soon as the video is finished.  



Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions, we are happy to help!

TDF Phone: 530-786-4732

TDF Email: