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Dress Code


  • Ballet: Hair must be worn in a bun for all classical ballet classes. If hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled back off the face and neck with a headband. 

  • All other dance disciplines: Hair must be neat and pulled back away from face.



For Safety Reasons:  NO JEWELRY in any class.

  • Acro, Contemporary, Jazz, Turns/Technique/Tricks, Broadway: Tight fitting clothing such as leotards, t-shirts/tanks, leggings or shorts are appropriate.  Clothing should not hinder movement (no jeans, no hats).  No baggy shirts that will fall over student's heads when they go upside down.    

  • Ballet/Pointe/PBT: Girls- Black leotard and pink tights.  No shorts, skirts or t-shirts. Boys- Black shorts, and white t-shirt.

  • Hip-Hop/Breaking: Athletic clothes, sweats, t-shirts, shorts etc.  Clothing should not hinder movement. Hats/bandanas are okay. Knee pads recommended for breaking. 

  • ProtoTykes Combo:  Girls- Leotard or any kind of athletic clothing.  if tights are worn they should be footless. Boys- Athletic clothes that do not restrict movement (no jeans).

  • ProtoTykes Hip Hop: Athletic clothes that do not restrict movement.




  • Acro: Barefoot

  • Ballet: Canvas split-sole ballet shoes.  Girls pink, boys black. 

  • Broadway: Beginning/Intermediate: Jazz Shoes. 

  • Contemporary: barefoot or dance paws (half shoe)

  • Hip Hop/Breaking: Any kind of athletic/tennis shoes. Shoes must not be worn outside the studio or on the street.

  • Jazz and Turns/Technique/Tricks: Tan or black jazz shoes, preferably slip-ons (with no laces).  Advanced Jazz should have dance heels available.

  • ProtoTykes Combo: ballet shoes

  • ProtoTykes Hip Hop:  Any kind of athletic/tennis shoes. Shoes must not be worn outside the studio or on the street.



Class Descriptions

Every week, the instructor will teach new technique by breaking down the movements, running drills with the entire class, and then finally applying the movements into combinations and mini routines to properly instill them into your muscle memory.


Acro- TDF is proud to follow the official Acrobatic Arts syllabus.  This program utilizes cutting edge technology to help train dancers quickly and safely.  Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic and tumbling technique plus lifting/partnering tricks. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, & strength.


Ballet- All of our ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment), and correct classical ballet technique. Dancers will develop strength, grace, poise and the skills needed to safely and quickly build their technical foundations. 

Breaking- Breaking, also known as bboying, is a style of dance that incorporates rhythm, floorwork and tricks. These classes teach the fundamentals of bboying, covering categories such as toprock, footwork, power moves and freezes.

Broadway Dance- This class will focus on learning about different Broadway choreographers and styles of dance.  Students will learn about the physical traits of becoming a character, how to perform with their facial expressions and emote to an audience.  


Contemporary- Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of many dance genres including modern, jazz, hip hop and ballet. This dance style stresses versatility of both isolated/sharp movements along with fluid/soft ones. The class will focus on contemporary technique, improvisation, floorwork, musicality, and will help dancers develop their artistry and emotional connection to music. 


Hip Hop- The term "Hip Hop" covers a variety of styles including house, locking, popping, and waiving to name a few. Our hip hop classes utilize upbeat music from various genres with the music and movements always being age appropriate. This is a high energy class that not only teaches you stylized movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.


Jazz- Jazz dance is a high energy, upbeat style covering a wide variety of movements.  The class will incorporate traditional and modern jazz technique such as turns, leaps, kicks, floorwork and more while expanding the dancer's stylistic abilities. 


Turns/Technique/Tricks-This is a technique class that is dedicating to learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns, tricks etc. Stretch and strengthening is also combined to improve dancers’ power. There will be no recital dance for this class.


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