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Youth and Teen Classes

Our youth and teen program uses dance as a medium to train our students not only to excel at their craft but also develop important life skills such as self confidence, self-respect, discipline and commitment We strive to nurture each and every student and to give them the physical, mental and emotional tools to uncover their full potential as dancers and artists.    

TDF offers a complete training program with 5 levels in multiple styles

Dancing in the Street

Hip Hop

Acro Dance.jpg


Leaping Dancer


Ballet Shoes


Urban Breakdancer


Broadway Dancer.jpg

Broadway Dance

jazz Dancer.jpg


Level Descriptions

TDF uses state of the art training equipment and technology to help dancers safely and quickly bring their abilities to the next level. 

Intro Program (Beginner, 6-Week Sessions)

Kids Beginner, Level 1 Ages 7-10

Our beginner program the perfect starting place for a beginner dancer to see what they like.  This 6-week session will focus on introducing students to the basics and getting them comfortable in the style.  New material will be introduced in each session so students can take multiple sessions and still progress.  

Teen Beginner Ages 11-15

This is a special program for dancers ages 11-15 with little or no dance experience.  No need to dance along side the 7 year-olds, this class is just for teens.  For students at this level, we recommend two classes per week in order to gain a solid grasp on their fundamentals. 

Training Program (Expierenced Beginner Through Advanced)

After mastering the basic techniques and fundamentals, dancers may advanced to the training program where they will continue to develop their skills as they progress through the levels.  Dancers in this program take more hours per week as they advance and will have more training opportunities.  New students with previous dance experience may also be accepted to this program after being evaluated by an instructor.  This program includes levels 2-5. 

Beginner/Intermediate- Students are beginning to gain understanding of basic technical movement, musicality, formation and memorization of semi-complex routines.  These dancers typically dance between 2-4 hours per week.  

Intermediate- The intermediate student has moved beyond the basics and is ready to start exploring harder material.  Most intermediate dancers train 4-6 hours per week in order to stay strong enough to safely execute technical elements and expand their style repertoire.  Intermediate students may apply to our assistant program and if accepted, begin to assist in PoroTykes or Intro Level classes.

Intermediate/Advanced- Dancers at this level are advanced in their understanding of technique, style, performance quality and artistry.  They begin to develop confidence in their choreographic and free style skills.  Advanced level dancers may apply to our teacher training program and if accepted, begin to co-teach or student teach.   

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