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​Dress Code - Please see our Dress Code page HERE.

Severe Weather Cancellations: In the event TDF closes due to extreme weather conditions, students are welcome to take a make-up class in its place provided it coordinates with their age and level. No refund or discounts will be given to monthly tuition fees in response to a canceled class based on severe weather. 

​Government Mandated Shutdown: In general, in the event of a required closure mandated by a governmental agency or body and the required closure period exceeds one month, all contracts will be suspended and payment not required until TDF may, by law, reopen. If the studio remains out of operation beyond the date the season would have ended, the contract will expire on the date originally contracted.

Class Make-Up Policy:

  • If the studio is closed or cancels a class, students will be welcome to attend a make-up class.      

  • If a student is absent for any reason they will be allowed one make-up class per calendar month.  

  • All make-up classes must be used within 30 days of the absence including snow day cancelations.  

  • All make-up classes must be completed in an age and level appropriate class.

  • Parents/students must call or email to schedule a make-up class prior to the start of class.


Class Cancelations/Withdrawal Policy: Please see our Class Withdrawal Policies page HERE.

Care of Students: TDF is not responsible for the care and safety of students before or after class. It is understood that TDF will not be held responsible for supervision outside of the classroom. Young children are not to be left at the school for excessive time periods before or after their classes.


Email Communications: TDF will communicate important information such as fee announcements/due dates, class closures/cancellations, extra rehearsals etc. primarily through email.  Parent/adult student agrees to keep email addresses up to date and frequently check for info emails from TDF.  TDF does not share email addresses or any private info and will only use such info for communications regarding dance training at TDF.





Fees and Expenses

Annual Registration Fee. Each student will be charged  an annual, non-refundable registration fee for the upcoming dance season in the amount of $30.00 for a single student and $10 additional for multiple dancers from the same family. This fee covers registration for one or more classes throughout the season.    


Billing and Payment

Tuition. Student tuition fees are assessed on a monthly basis and NOT on a per-class basis. The monthly tuition rate remains the same regardless of the number of classes that fall within a given month. The monthly fee is based on enrollment, not attendance and will remain whether the student attends class or not. No refunds will be given for missed lessons.  See “Class Make-Up Policy”​

Auto-Pay. Tuition will be charged on the 1st of each month via auto-draft from a credit card or bank account.  Credit card or bank draft information must be submitted upon registration through our secure, online payment processing system.


Tuition Option 1: Month to Month Commitment

 This option is good for students who may not be able to commit to the entire season between September-June for any reason. In the event a dancer must withdraw participation from one or more classes, a thirty (30) day notice and a TDF withdrawal form must be submitted. Students will remain enrolled in their class until canceled by parent/adult student.  See “withdrawal policy.” 

Tuition Option 2: [Discounted] Season Commitment

Here at Truckee Dance Factory we value commitment and dedication. TDF is offering a 15% “commitment discount” on monthly tuition for signing a financial agreement obligating payment through the end of season. This option is great for dancers who want and will be able to commit to their enrolled classes from their date of registration through the end of the season.   To sign up for this option, use Promo Code “Commitment” at checkout. By using the promo code you are agreeing and accepting the terms and conditions of this tuition option. See “withdrawal policy.”  *This offer is only good for students enrolled on or before December 31, 2023.

Drop-in Trial Classes....................................$25/class

*Due to our limited class sizes, we will not be able to accept drop-in trials when a class is full.


One-time Registration Fee. Each student will be charged  a one time non refundable registration fee for dance season beginning on September 5, 2023 and ending June 30, 2024 in the amount of $30.00 for a single student or $40.00 for multiple dancers from the same family. This fee covers registration for one or more classes throughout the season. 

1st Student.....................................................$30

2+ Students...................................................$10 additional


Showcase Participation Fee.............. .........$30/student OR $50/family 

Costume Down Payment..............................$30 for each class

Actual cost of costume may vary. A costume balance remainder will be charged or credited 

Classes per week              Monthly Tuition

Unlimited classes               $450/month

4 classes/week                    $400/month           

3 classes/week                    $300.00/month

2 classes/week                    $200.00/month

1 class/week                        $100.00/month


Classes per week            Monthly Tuition

Unlimited classes             $382.50/month

4 classes/week                 $340.00/month

3 classes/week                 $255.00/month

2 classes/week                 $170.00/month

1 class/week                     $85.00/month

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