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Class Descriptions and Dress Code Info

ProtoTykes Happy Feet Happy Hour

Parent and Me for age 6 months to 3 years


What: Parent and Me Dance and Music Class

When: Fridays at 10:15 AM

Tuition: $150 for 6 weeks

Please contact us for current session information.


Class Description: 

Our Happy Feet Happy Hour Class is an early childhood music and movement class for children 6 months to 3 years old. The little ones and their caregivers will engage in dancing, singing, and playing to help them learn and grow in a fun musical environment. Moving bodies are learning bodies! With fun musical activities this class can help build their self esteem, establish positive social/emotional skills, as well as cognitive/motor, and language development. All of this for them AND the adults might even get a bit of a work out too! 


Wouldn't it be great to meet other parents in town and make new friends? Above all, this is a bonding experience for all involved! This includes caregiver to child, child to child, and caregiver to caregiver - as well as your teacher to you all! When moving and dancing become part of your life and you have grown out of this program, Truckee Dance Factory welcomes the children and adults to continue dancing with the teachers that you will get to know and love over the years.

Toddler and Mom.jpg

ProtoTykes Ballet/Jazz Combo

The ProtoTykes Combo class will begin with the basics of ballet where dancers will learn foundational elements using creative imagery and storytelling to help them understand the technique.  The second half of the class will focus on the upbeat style of jazz where dancers will get to express themselves through fun music and energetic movements.    

Dress Code:

Girls- Athletic clothes that do not hinder movements including leotards, shorts, leggings etc.  Ballet skirt, knee-length or shorter, is allowed (anything longer hinders movements).  Leather or canvas ballet shoes for all dancers.  

Boys- Athletic clothes that do not restrict movement (no jeans) and black, leather or canvas ballet slippers. 

ProtoTykes Circle.jpeg

ProtoTykes Hip Hop 

The ProtoTykes Hip Hop classes offers instruction in the fundamentals of hip hop, breaking and tumbling.  Hip Hop is a fun and expressive upbeat style of dance.  All movements and music are age appropriate.  

Dress Code:

Athletic clothes and tennis shoes are mandatory for class.  Tennis shoes must not be worn outside the studio or on the street. Hats/bandanas are okay

ProtoTykes Acro Dance

All the fun of acrobatics plus all the rhythm and style of dance!  What could be more exciting?  This class follows the official Preschool and Primary Levels of Acrobatics Arts dance syllabus.  Our certified teacher will lead the class through a progression of skills in the areas of tumbling, limbering, flexibility, strength, and balancing, plus lots of dancing.  

Dress Code:

Girls and Boys- Athletic clothes that do not hinder movements including leotards or tight fitting shirts,  shorts or leggings.  Please, no ballet skirts in this class, as they can get in the way of the acrobatic movements. Students will be barefoot in this class.  

ProtoTykes Dance Classes

Our ProtoTykes classes are designed to inspire, empower and unite young children while giving them the opportunity to further their physical, creative and social skills.  Our program incorporates a variety of games, props and equipment to make learning dance fun and accessible to young bodies and minds while keeping them focused on the exciting activities. The classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate and will adjust depending on the overall level of the students participating.   Children will learn to work independently as well as together, with partners and in a group and setting.  The program includes several positive and supportive performance opportunities throughout the year to build confidence, and demonstrate what they have learned.  Class sizes are limited to ensure quality and optimal learning.

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